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The Manhattan Project by Paul McNeive – Book Review


New York City is under attack. Millions may die. But the enemy’s weapons are invisible, undetectable and creating terror at lightning speed.

A NYPD cop, John Wyse, finds himself pitted against a Hiroshima survivor turned criminal mastermind determined to avenge the deaths of his family, and all who died at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

It’s a race against time to break the links in a terrible plot intent on causing medical meltdown,

Taut, accomplished and spectacular in its scope, The Manhattan Priject is a fast paced bioterrorism thriller spanning Japan, The Middle East and America.


Starting with the atomic bombing of Japan during the Second World War, a young survivor plans their revenge.

John Wyse is a Detective in the NYPD and meets Tsan at a party, but feels a bit unsettled by him…..

This has a realistic feel and is scary because of it…..we all know about how we virus’ are becoming resistant to antibiotics……so what if a deadly virus is released that there’s no effective treatment, because everyone has been exposed to antibiotics and then a virus is introduced deliberately ???..just how would we cope? A truly nightmarish possibility.

This is a fast paced book, and one to ponder, enjoy and tremble a little at Paul McNeive’s clever and creative writing….a thoroughly enjoyable, edge of your seat thriller.

Thank you to Black and White Publishing for a free copy of the book. This is my honest and unbiased review.


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He’s At Your Door by Alex Sinclair – Book Review



Karen Rainey lives a sheltered life on the edge of the city. For the last five years, she has rarely left the home unless it was unavoidable. She has her food and anything else she needs delivered to the front door. She works from home to avoid venturing outside.

But Karen isn’t agoraphobic. She’s terrified of her ex-boyfriend, Zach, who is serving a life sentence in prison for a string of bank robberies after Karen testified against him. With the constant threat that Zach might send someone to find and kill her, Karen keeps a low profile.

To aid her in paying the rent each month, Karen takes in the occasional housemate, opting for students from the local university. Her current housemate, Beth, is a young student who has no idea about Karen’s past.

But when a mysterious package is left of her doorstep, it sends Karen’s world into turmoil.

Has Zack found her?

Isolated and frightened, Karen befriends Beth but refuses to tell her everything about her past.

Trapped inside their home, Karen and Beth soon begin to lose their minds.

But is the threat really outside or is it closer to home?



What are you afraid of?”

Karen Rainey is scared to leave her small 2 bedroomed flat, she has only left 3 times in the past 5 years….she works from home as a virtual assistant and from time to time takes a flatmate to help with bills and expenses….

She is paranoid about security and has CCTV around the property and 4 deadlocks on the door. One night there’s a knock on the door, the camera shows a man in a hoodie… scared she cannot think, she keeps watch until he leaves, but what was that he left behind?

A note in Latin…Omnia mors aequat….. “Death makes all equal.”

Karen’s flatmate, Beth arrives home and helps calm her down……Karen confides some of her past to her friend……but then the man comes back and is watching their home….has her ex found her….or is something darker happening?

I can’t say too much more about the actual story, but needless to say this is intense, scary and thought provoking.  Revenge is sweet isn’t it ? It will make you feel better and make all right with the world again won’t it?….

I read this in one sitting due to the fast pace and incredibly immersive writing by Alex Sinclair…….it grabbed me with both hands and just wouldn’t let go until the stark, emotion packed ending…..a stunning read.

Thank you to Bloodhound Books for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook  in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

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Alex Sinclair is a psychological thriller author from a quiet country town outside of Melbourne, Australia.

When he’s not spending time with his wife and daughter, Alex can be found obsessing over his fiction. He loves to write fast-paced, gripping stories with killer twists. Alex is an avid reader of psychological thrillers and has a passion for good storytelling.

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Worst Case Scenario by Helen Fitzgerald – Book Review



ONLY Helen FitzGerald could have created this book. Shocking, gripping and laugh-out-loud hilarious from the first line to the last. Brilliant’ Erin Kelly

‘The main character is one of the most extraordinary you’ll meet between the pages of a book’ Ian Rankin

Mary Shields is a moody, acerbic probation offer, dealing with some of Glasgow’s worst cases, and her job is on the line.

Imprisoned for murdering his wife, Liam Macdowall has published a series of letters to the dead woman, in a book that has made him an unlikely hero – a poster boy for Men’s Rights Activists.

Liam is released on licence into Mary’s care, but things are far from simple. Mary develops a poisonous obsession with Liam and his world, and when her son and Liam’s daughter form a relationship, Mary will stop at nothing to impose her own brand of justice … with devastating consequences.

A heart-pounding, relentless and chilling psychological thriller, rich with deliciously dark and unapologetic humour, Worst Case Scenario is also a perceptive, tragic and hugely relevant book by one of the most exciting names in crime fiction.



Mary is a social worker, sharp, sarcastic, wine drinking, menopause ridden and totally wonderful…….human and messed up.

Liam Macdowall has been released from prison on licence. He had killed his wife in a murder suicide bid, but he survived….His daughter, Holly is supporting him….Mary is his parole officer..

Then there’s McKinley, a paedophile and his ‘Emily’……and John Paul O’Donnell a cocaine addict….

After being accused of mis-using the flexitime system….(she’s a flex offender!) she decides it’s time to leave. Husband Roddie has been offered an £80k contract as a colourer-in-er, it’s time to enjoy life.

So she decides to stop biting her tongue and say what she means and gives some truly hilarious moments, but there is also the dark side….her obsession with Macdowall leads to a horrible mistake with heartbreaking consequences.

I loved Mary, a real person and totally relatable …….all those thoughts that have gone through your mind at some time then Mary says out loud.

When she was in her twenties, Mary didn’t think childbirth’d be a big deal, not till she shat ten pounds out of her fanny at twenty-eight.”

This is a thriller with wife killers, abusers, paedophiles and dark humour… will laugh out loud and cringe at the same time…..absolutely stunning writing by Helen Fitzgerald and a definite favourite for 2019.

Thank you to Anne Cater and Random Things Tours for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the book  in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

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Helen FitzGerald is the bestselling author of ten adult and young adult thrillers, including The Donor (2011) and The Cry (2013), which was longlisted for the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year, and is now a major drama for BBC1. Helen worked as a criminal justice social worker for over fifteen years. She grew up in Victoria, Australia. She now lives in Glasgow with her husband.


‘Helen FitzGerald never, ever disappoints. Worst Case Scenario is simply stunning. Dark, uncompromising, funny, and almost impossible to put down. Mary is one my favourite characters of recent times. Always real, always honest, always superb’ Luca Veste

Very dark, very funny and very original…off-beat but achingly relatable crime fiction’

Susi Holliday

‘I’m convinced that Helen FitzGerald is some kind of genius. It’s dark, unsettling, shocking and brilliantly funny- often at the same time. It also confirms her as queen of the killer opening line. Loved it’ Paul Burston

‘A dark, comic masterpiece which manages to be both excruciatingly tense and laugh out loud funny at the same time. Great stuff!’ Mark Edwards

‘Worst Case Scenario is a crazy, full-throttle ride, terrifying, hilarious and heartbreaking in equal measure, with the most vivid and brilliant central character I’ve read in years’ Doug Johnstone

‘Oh. My. God. This was just wow. Razor-sharp, smart, shocking, dark, and amazingly executed. I wanna watch Sex and the City with Mary!’ Louise Beech

Cover reveal

The First Lie by A J Park – COVER REVEAL


Firstly, a little about The First Lie…..



We’ve all had sleepless nights thinking about it.

You’re home alone. Someone breaks in.

In defending yourself, you end up killing the intruder.

Now you’re the one the police want.

That is the situation that criminal barrister Paul Reeve arrives home to find.

His wife Alice stands in the bedroom, clutching a bloodied letter opener in her shaking hand.

“What have you done, Alice?”

“I didn’t have a choice…”

We would all believe the person we love most.

But would we all make the same choice Paul and Alice make next…?

Now a little about the author….


Author Bio –


After studying literature, linguistics and Spanish at university, AJ Park trained as an English teacher and actor. He has edited magazines and taught English, Media Studies and Drama in secondary schools in England. He was also a competitive fencer for seven years.


and here it is….the stunning cover for The First Lie…



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The Controller by Matt Brolly – Book Review



From the bestselling author of the acclaimed DCI Lambert series comes The Controller, a gripping serial killer thriller introducing Sam Lynch and Special Agent Sandra Rose.

It is six years since special agent Samuel Lynch left the FBI following the disappearance of his son, Daniel. Lynch believes an underground organisation known as The Railroad is responsible and has never stopped searching.

When Special Agent Sandra Rose investigates a house invasion gone wrong, she discovers the assailant has the legendary, and infamous, Railroad tattoo carved onto his back and he claims to know Daniel’s whereabouts.

Rose draws Lynch in to her case, and together they become embroiled in an unparalleled world of violence and evil.

It seems that to see his son again, Lynch will have to confront his greatest fear and face the ultimate test: an encounter with the Railroad’s enigmatic and deadly leader, The Controller.



The Controller had promised to call him and Lynch had promised to himself he would end the man’s life.”

This is #1 in the Lynch and Rose series by Matt Brolly.

Special Agent Sandra Rose is called to the aftermath of an hostage situation. Razinski had the Gunn family trapped in their home but tortured and murdered them all. After his arrest he is demanding to speak to ex-FBI Agent Samuel Lynch..

Razinski has killed all the family and a police officer and has been taken into custody while Lynch is found……he drops the bombshell that Samuel’s son, who has been missing for 6 years is still alive…..

What follows is an incredibly fast paced, violent, tense thriller, it reminded me of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, in that Samuel is a bit of a troubled renegade but is basically a good man……but who can he trust?

The Railroad, an almost mythical organisation who abduct people near railroads and they are never seen again….just how far does this organisation go….and are the rail track tattoos the only identification?? Not for the faint hearted as there’s a lot of blood and violence, but this is a stunning thriller with great characters and enough tension to set your heart racing…..I can recommend it without reservation…..

Thank you to Damppebbles Blog Tours for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook. This is my honest, unbiased review.

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About Matt Brolly:


Following his law degree where he developed an interest in criminal law, Matt Brolly completed his Masters in Creative Writing at Glasgow University.

He is the bestselling author of the DCI Lambert crime novels, Dead Eyed, Dead Lucky and Dead Embers. The fourth in the series, Dead Time, was released by Canelo in May 2018 and a prequel, Dead Water, will be published in September 2019. In 2020 the first of a new crime series set in the West Country of the UK will be released by Thomas and Mercer (Amazon Publishing).

The Controller, released in May 2019, is the first of a new thriller series set in Texas.

Matt also writes children’s books as M.J. Brolly. His first children’s book, The Sleeping Bug, was released by Oblong Books in December 2018.

Matt lives in London with his wife and their two young children. You can find out more about Matt at his website or by following him on twitter: @MattBrollyUK

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Published by Oblong Books in ebook format on 24th May 2019


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Strange Blood, 71 essays on offbeat & underrated vampire movies, edited by Vanessa Morgan – Book Review


This is an overview of the most offbeat and underrated vampire movies spanning nine decades and 23 countries. Strange Blood encompasses well-known hits as well as obscurities that differ from your standard fang fare by turning genre conventions on their head. Here, vampires come in the form of cars, pets, aliens, mechanical objects, gorillas, or floating heads. And when they do look like a demonic monster or an aristocratic Count or Countess, they break the mold in terms of imagery, style, or setting. Leading horror writers, filmmakers, actors, distributors, academics, and programmers present their favorite vampire films through in-depth essays, providing background information, analysis, and trivia regarding the various films. Some of these stories are hilarious, some are terrifying, some are touching, and some are just plain weird. Not all of these movies line up with the critical consensus, yet they have one thing in common: they are unlike anything you’ve ever seen in the world of vampires. Just when you thought that the children of the night had become a tired trope, it turns out they have quite a diverse inventory after all.



What a great read.

This is a compendium of essays featuring vampire movies, from El Vampiro to Salem’s Lot, The Hunger and even Fright Night (one of my favourites) and many more obscure and a bit forgotten films.

Each essay is accompanied by stills of the movie and covers not only the details of the film but also a little background.

I found this to be both a fun read and interesting too. A must for fans of the vampire genre..

Thank you to Vanessa Morgan for a copy of the ebook and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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Stoker’s Wilde by Steven Hopstaken & Melissa Prusi – Book Review



Years before either becomes a literary legend, Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde must overcome their disdain for one another to battle the Black Bishop, a madman wielding supernatural forces to bend the British Empire to his will.



I love this book, as a big fan of the original Dracula by Bram Stoker ( I have visited Whitby and Varna), I was intrigued by the premise of Stoker’s Wilde and I’m not disappointed….

And sometimes a monster is something that does monstrous things like suck the life out of innocent people”

It’s written in the style of Dracula, with chapters in the form of journal entries and letters, by Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde and even Theodore Roosevelt…

Stoker and Wilde visit a farm in Ireland after a woman had been killed…this eventually leads them to the Black Bishop and a vampire cult….how will they escape and defeat this foe?

Thieves boarded the merchant ship Demeter around midnight and stole a large crate of unknown cargo

This has the humour of Wilde and the horror of Stoker in a tense gothic horror tale. The geek in me loved picking up the references to both characters real books from Dorian Gray to The Lair of the White Worm….it has vampires, werewolves and even mention of a dragon….what’s not to love. Stunningly creative writing by Hopstaken and Prusi and an absolute delight to read….This will be an absolute favourite of book clubs as so much to enjoy and share…brilliant. 5*

Thank you to Anne Cater and Random Things Tours for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the book  in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

you can buy a copy here (click on the image)

About the Authors


Steven Hopstaken was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he spent his formative years watching and reading science fiction and horror. He has a degree in journalism from Northern Michigan University and spends his free time traveling; writing screenplays, short stories and novels; and practicing photography.

Melissa Prusi was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (often mistaken for Canada), and studied video and film production at Northern Michigan University and the University of Michigan. She’s been a video editor, a semi-professional film reviewer, a three-time champion on the quiz show Jeopardy!, and a Guinness world record holder (1990 edition, for directing the longest live television show).

They met in a college screenwriting class and married three years later. They spent a brief time in Los Angeles, where they both worked for Warner Bros. television. They eventually ended up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where they love the arts scene but dread the winters. While they both currently make a living as website content managers, they have sold two screenplays, which have been lost to development hell.

They’ve indulged their fascination with Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde through trips to Dublin and London to research their lives and visit sites mentioned in Stoker’s Wilde.

They live in St. Louis Park, Minnesota with their two cats. If they’re not writing, you can usually find them at a movie, local theater production, improv show or pub quiz.
FLAME TREE PRESS is the new fiction imprint of Flame Tree Publishing. Launching in 2018 the list brings together brilliant new authors and the more established; the award winners, and exciting, original voices.


Steven Hopstaken, Melissa Prusi

Publication date: May 2019

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Conviction by Denise Mina – Book Review



A twisting, darkly comic, thrill-a-minute ride across Europe. If you loved Killing Eve, you’ll devour Conviction’ Erin Kelly

‘Denise Mina brilliantly manages to be funny, heart-wrenching, gut-punching and addictive all at once: a fabulous, captivating novel’ Nicci French

From ‘the woman who may be Britain’s finest living crime novelist’ (Daily Telegraph), Conviction stars a strong female protagonist who is obsessed by true crime podcasts and decides, one day, to investigate one of the unsolved crimes herself.

It’s just a normal morning for Anna McDonald. Gym kits, packed lunches, getting everyone up and ready. Until she opens the front door to her best friend, Estelle. Anna turns to see her own husband at the top of the stairs, suitcase in hand. They’re leaving together and they’re taking Anna’s two daughters with them.

Left alone in the big, dark house, Anna can’t think, she can’t take it in. With her safe, predictable world shattered, she distracts herself with a story: a true-crime podcast. There’s a sunken yacht in the Mediterranean, multiple murders and a hint of power and corruption. Then Anna realises she knew one of the victims in another life. She is convinced she knows what happened. Her past, so carefully hidden until now, will no longer stay silent.

This is a murder she can’t ignore, and she throws herself into investigating the case. But little does she know, her past and present lives are about to collide, sending everything she has worked so hard to achieve into freefall.

Conviction is the compelling and unique new thriller from multiple award-winner and author of THE LONG DROP, Denise Mina.



This is a wonderful twisty tale about Anna McDonald, she had a past life that she’s kept secret from her lawyer husband. One morning, listening to a podcast she hears a name she knows…Leon!

He has died on a yacht, purportedly by explosives planted by chef, Amila.

Her life then takes a miserable turn as her husband Hamish leaves her, taking her two daughters with him.

To keep herself occupied she decides to look into Leon’s death, Alison with the troubled Fin….

The story travels to Italy and France and we find out the truth of Anna’s past and she is now in danger….there are some strong characters, from hired assassins to the incredibly wealthy to keep this crime thriller tearing along at breakneck speed. It has humour and heartbreak and is an incredibly entertaining read.

I would like to thank the Pigeonhole and the author for the opportunity to read this book for free and this is my honest and unbiased review


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Rough and Deadly by Paula Williams – Book Review



Everyone knows Abe Compton’s Headbender cider is as rough as a cider can get. But is it deadly?

When self-styled ‘lady of the manor’, Margot Duckett-Trimble, announces she wouldn’t be seen dead drinking the stuff, who could have foreseen that, only a few days later, she’d be found, face down, in a vat of it?

Kat Latcham’s no stranger to murder. Indeed, the once ‘sleepy’ Somerset village of Much Winchmoor is fast gaining a reputation as the murder capital of the West Country and is ‘as sleepy as a kid on Christmas Eve’ when it’s discovered there’s a murderer running loose in the community again.

Kat has known Abe all her life, and she is sure that, although he had motive, he didn’t kill Margot. But as she investigates, the murderer strikes again. And the closer Kat gets to finding out who the real killer is, the closer to danger she becomes.

This second Much Winchmoor mystery is once again spiked with humour and sprinkled with romance – plus a cast of colourful characters, including a manic little dog called Prescott whose bite is definitely worse than his bark.


Kat (Katie Latcham) is back in the village after her life in Bristol didn’t work out as she’d hoped.

She’s a freelance journalist and an amateur ‘Miss Marple’…as she had helped catch a murderer before…

In this tale, A local, rather snooty woman is found dead in a vat of cider after a disagreement with the brewer, Abe and he is of course the number one suspect, but Kat intends to use her skills to clear his name….just who is responsible ?

This is a fun, cosy-mystery with great characters, humour, romance and of course the odd murder. A thoroughly entertaining read.

Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook. This is my honest, unbiased review.


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Author Bio –

Paula Williams is living her dream. She’s written all her life – her earliest efforts involved blackmailing her unfortunate younger brothers into appearing in her plays and pageants. But it’s only in recent years that she discovered to her surprise that people with better judgement than her brothers actually liked what she wrote and were prepared to pay her for it.

Now, she writes every day in a lovely, book-lined study in her home in Somerset, where she lives with her husband and a handsome but not always obedient rescue Dalmatian called Duke. She started out writing fiction for women’s magazines (and still does) but has recently branched out into longer fiction. She also writes a monthly column, Ideas Store, for the writers’ magazines, Writers’ Forum.

But, as with the best of dreams, she worries that one day she’s going to wake up and find she still has to bully her brothers into reading ‘the play what she wrote’.


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Twitter. @paulawilliams44




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Blood List by Ali Carter – Book Review



Think the Lake District is a lovely place to visit? Think again. A Psychological & Chilling Thriller set in and around the fictional town of Kirkdale in Cumbria. One by one the young women of Kirkdale are being found grotesquely murdered, with no clues as to why.

Lying between the great lake Kirkwater and the base of Kirkby Pike, although beautiful, Kirkdale isn’t exactly the most exciting place on the planet. But after young reporter Jenny Flood moves into the relaxed Cumbrian town, it sets a catalogue of events in motion that brings this comfortable community to its knees.

When middle aged G.P. Charlotte Peterson discovers Jenny has followed her from Bradenthorpe, six years after a fling with her philandering doctor husband Miles, it stirs deeply buried mental health issues from her youth. In the run up to the Kirkdale country show, the arrival of this third and most recent adversary triggers the already edgy and emotionally scarred Charlotte into finally stepping over the edge. Her longing to destroy Jenny has been on a slow and very resentful burn for years, now the reality of achieving that presents itself as a genuine possibility.

Can journalist Andrew Gale protect new colleague Jenny, girlfriend Gina and her best friend Molly from the psychotic GP’s insane agenda? How will sarcastic ex Met. Officer Harry Longbridge deal with Andrew’s continued interference?

Then there’s the unexpected arrival of an American mystery woman. And just who is on the Blood List?



Blood List is the debut thriller by Ali Carter….and what a debut!

Charlotte Peterson is a GP, so is her errant husband, Miles….she is at the end of her tether with his constant philandering…the pressure is clearly affecting her mental health.

Andrew works at the local paper….and when checking on his colleague, he finds her body with a horrific wound…

There’s also Jenny, new to the area also working at the paper, she had an affair with Miles a few years earlier…..her brother, Jason is schizophrenic and reducing his meds and hearing voices….

Molly, has prescient visions and tells friends Andrew and Gina about them…can she see who the murderer is?

Other bodies turn up with the same wound….who is  murdering these women?

There are many characters and secrets is this wonderfully original thriller with its range of characters from quirky to downright psychotic….incredibly tense and while you do know who the killer is quite early….it still keeps you on tenterhooks as to who will survive….the final chapters are gasp inducing….Brilliant

Thank you to Anne Cater and Random Things Tours for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the book  in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

You can buy a copy here (click on the image)



Ali Carter was born in Surrey in 1958 and moved to East Anglia in 2003, settling just outside King’s Lynn 4 years later where she currently lives with her husband, 5 dogs and 6 cats. (Yes she knows the dog/cat thing is a bit mad!)

She originally found some success in writing poetry in the 80’s and 90’s, but inspiration for her debut novel ‘Blood List’ came after the Shipman case hit the headlines – a few years later the dark and deeply psychotic G.P. ‘Charlotte’ was born. The full story took its time in completion however as there was a very long period of writer’s block about three quarters of the way through the book. It was an author friend who finally persuaded her to pull it out of the laptop and finish it, for which she will be eternally grateful. At the time of writing, a sequel is in its infancy which she sincerely hopes won’t take another 12 years to come to fruition!

Ali is also a proud mum to two grown up sons, and an extra proud nanny to her adorable granddaughter, although at only 5 she won’t be reading ‘Blood List’ anytime soon!

She hopes you will enjoy her first long awaited thriller, and you can follow Ali on Twitter @alicrimewriter and on her website at

Blood List by Ali Carter

  • Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Troubador Publishing (11 Oct. 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1789015707
  • ISBN-13: 978-1789015706


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Foul Deeds Will Rise by Elizabeth Ireland – Book Review



By 1875, Lillian Nolan believes she has successfully shut off any connection to the spirit world. That winter she is thrilled when she wins the role of Ophelia in a new production of Hamlet in her home town of Chicago. Everything changes when the body of the managing director is found sprawled across the steps of the dress circle and all the investors’ money is missing. Lillian fears, once again, her career is over before it begins.

After her dearest friend is arrested for murder, Lillian commits herself to discovering the truth. Her search is complicated by a strange man who is following her, the romantic overtures of her co-star, and a reunion with an old nemesis. But nothing is what it seems. What she does find puts a member of her own family at risk and leads to the unmasking of the killer with lethal consequences for herself.


This is the second book in the  A Backstage Mystery series by Elizabeth Ireland…but can easily be read as a Stand-alone.

Philip Kincaid has died…natural causes? Maybe not and suspicion is raised at something more sinister…

The story is told by the elderly, Lillian Nolan and her memoirs.

Phillip Kincaid’s widow, Regina is arrested on suspicion of his murder. She is a friend of Lillian and so Lillian wants to help her clear her name..the spirits again make themselves known, adding a little of the supernatural to this clever and intriguing tale. There’s more of Lillian’s background and life too which add the to atmosphere along with the excitement of solving a murder….

Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook. This is my honest, unbiased review.


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Life upon the wicked stage can be deadly.

Set against the backdrop of the Gilded Age, the Backstage Mystery Series stars Lillian Nolan, an unconventional member of Chicago’s upper class who dreams of a career of fortune and fame in the theater. Talented and ambitious, she possesses a hidden skill which she is extremely reluctant to use—the ability to communicate with those who have died and now live in the world of “The Beyond.”

The series chronicles her adventures in which she continually becomes enmeshed in solving mysteries which often require her accessing the realm of the paranormal. Filled with an incredible cast of characters—factual, fictional, and sometimes non-physical—who either help or hinder her quest for the truth, the stories take place during a a period considered to be the golden age of both acting and spiritualism in America.

Author Bio –

Elizabeth Ireland discovered her passion for theater early. After receiving undergraduate and graduate degrees in Theater, she accepted a teaching position in a vibrant performing arts department at a college in northern Illinois. For ten years, she taught, directed and ran front-of-house operations.

American Theater History—particularly that of the 19th century—has always been of particular interest to her.

She has been a quarter-finalist and a semi-finalist for the Don and Gee Nicholl Fellowship in screenwriting sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Two of her screenplays have been optioned, but remain unproduced. Her nonfiction work, Women of Vision: Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives, was published in 2008. Her work has also been published in a collection

of paranormal short stories, Paramourtal: Tales of Undying Love and Loving the Undead. She lives in metro Atlanta with her ever-patient husband, and two quirky dachshunds.


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Cultivating a Fuji by Miriam Drori – Book Review



Convinced that his imperfect, solitary existence is the best it will ever be, Martin unexpectedly finds himself being sent to represent his company in Japan. His colleagues think it’s a joke; his bosses are certain he will fail. What does Martin think? He simply does what he’s told. That’s how he’s survived up to now – by hiding his feelings.

Amazingly, in the land of strange rituals, sweet and juicy apples, and too much saké, Martin flourishes and achieves the impossible. But that’s only the beginning. Keeping up the momentum for change proves futile. So, too, is a return to what he had before. Is there a way forward, or should he put an end to the search now? Gradually, as you’ll see when Martin looks back from near the end of his journey, life improves.

There’s even a woman, Fiona, who brings her own baggage to the relationship, but brightens Martin’s days. And just when you think there can be no more surprises, another one pops up.

Throughout his life, people have laughed at ‘weirdo’ Martin; and you, as you read, will have plenty of opportunity to laugh, too. Go ahead, laugh away, but you’ll find that there’s also a serious side to all this…



Cultivating a Fuji is a unique ‘Up Lit’ book.

Martin is the main character, an only child who grew up in England.

He’s very clever and works for a software company……but people think him strange and the bullying he experienced as a child continues albeit in a slightly different form.

What people don’t understand is that Martin suffers from social anxiety, which makes him quiet and withdrawn….what people think is weird !

Because of his expertise with computers, he is sent to Japan…where the story really begins.

It took me a little while to get into the rhythm of this story, but found it to be a moving description of social anxiety and just how traumatic a simple meeting can be for sufferers….yes there’s humour, but I found this to be a sad, poignant and thought provoking tale.

Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook. This is my honest, unbiased review.


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Miriam Drori has decided she’s in the fifth and best stage of her life, and she’s hoping it’ll last for ever. It’s the one in which she’s happiest and most settled and finally free to do what she wants.

Miriam lives in a delightful house and garden in Jerusalem with her lovely husband and one of three children. She enjoys frequent trips around the world. She dances, hikes, reads and listens to music, and she’s realised that social anxiety is here to stay, so she might as well make friends with it. On top of that, she has moved away from computer programming and technical writing (although both of those provided interest in previous stages) and now spends her time editing and writing fiction.

NEITHER HERE NOR THERE (currently unavailable), a romance with a difference set in Jerusalem, was published in 2014. THE WOMEN FRIENDS, co-written with Emma Rose Millar, is a series of novellas based on the famous painting by Gustav Klimt.

SOCIAL ANXIETY REVEALED (non-fiction) provides a comprehensive description of social anxiety from many different viewpoints.


takes the social anxiety theme into fiction, using humour to season a poignant story.


Social Media Links – Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Pinterest, Instagram, Wattpad, website/blog

and social anxiety blog.


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Death and The Harlot by Georgina Clarke – Book Review



A gripping historical crime debut from an exciting new voice.

It’s strange, the way fortune deals her hand.’

The year is 1759 and London is shrouded in a cloak of fear. With the constables at the mercy of highwaymen, it’s a perilous time to work the already dangerous streets of Soho. Lizzie Hardwicke makes her living as a prostitute, somewhat protected from the fray as one of Mrs Farley’s girls. But then one of her wealthy customers is found brutally murdered… and Lizzie was the last person to see him alive.

Constable William Davenport has no hard evidence against Lizzie but his presence and questions make life increasingly difficult. Desperate to be rid of him and prove her innocence Lizzie turns amateur detective, determined to find the true killer, whatever the cost.

Yet as the body count rises Lizzie realises that, just like her, everyone has a secret they will do almost anything to keep buried…



Death and the Harlot is the historical crime debut novel from Georgina Clarke.

Set in London 1759, wealthy Norwich cloth merchant George Reed visits Lizzie Hardwicke, a prostitute at Mrs Farley’s brothel. To keep him sweet and to earn extra coin, Lizzie invites him to a masked ball…

But after Tommy shows up and a bit of a todo,  Reed is thrown out……

His body is then found murdered, robbed and left among the rubbish.

Constable William Davenport suspects Lizzie is responsible….but she decides to find the murderer herself !!!!

This unlikely pair begin to work together as Lizzie will be able to get people to talk, where Constable Davenport can’t….

There are many secrets and lies in this wonderfully, risqué, rollicking historical crime thriller….from whores to highwaymen…..thoroughly entertaining.

Thank you to Canelo for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook and this is my honest, unbiased review.


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Georgina Clarke has a degree in theology and a PhD in history but has only recently started to combine her love of the past with a desire to write stories. Her Lizzie Hardwicke series is set in the mid-eighteenth century, an underrated and often neglected period, but one that is rich in possibility for a crime novelist.

She enjoys running along the banks of the River Severn and is sometimes to be found competing in half marathons. In quieter moments, she also enjoys dressmaking.

She lives in Worcester with her husband and son, and two extremely lively kittens.

Twitter: @clarkegeorgina1

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The Dancing Girls by M.M. Chouinard – Book Review



The light in her wide brown eyes dimmed as she drew her last breath. She might have been beautiful lying there on the floor, if it wasn’t for the purple marks on her neck and the angry red line on her finger where her wedding band used to be…

When Jeanine Hammond is found dead in a hotel in the picture-perfect town of Oakhust, newly-promoted Detective Jo Fournier is thrown into a disturbing case. Who would murder this shy, loving wife and leave her body posed like a ballerina?

Jo wants to know why Jeanine’s husband is so controlling about money, and where Jeanine’s wedding ring is, but before she and her team can get close to the truth, another woman is found strangled in a hotel, arms placed gracefully above her head like a dancer.

While digging through old case files, Jo makes a terrifying link to a series of cold cases: each victim bears the same strangulation marks. But the FBI won’t take Jo seriously, and if she disobeys direct orders by investigating the killings outside of her jurisdiction, it will mean the end of the career she’s already sacrificed so much for, even her relationship.

Just as Jo is beginning to lose hope, she finds messages on the victims’ computers that make her question whether these small-town women were hiding big lies. Jo thinks this is the missing link between the victims, but she knows the killer is moments away from selecting his next victim. Will it lead her to the most twisted killer of her career in time, or will another innocent life be lost?

An absolutely unputdownable and brilliant new crime thriller series that fans of Robert Dugoni, Lisa Regan and Melinda Leigh will devour in one sitting.



Martin knew he wasn’t a psychopath. He’d done his research, so much so that he probably knew more about serial killers than most profilers did.”

Jeanine’s body is found in a hotel room, spangled and left lying on the floor..had she been posed or just fallen oddly?

Jo Fournier is called in to investigate along with her partner, Bob Arnett….They feel something is off about how the body is lying but can’t put their finger on it…

Then a second woman is found a few weeks later, Emily. Similarly posed, strangled and her wedding ring is missing…just what connects these two women.

Jo finds more deaths with similar MO’s and feels there is a link, and she will not let it go….

What follows is an absolutely gripping thriller that really brings to light the dangers of online grooming…it’s not just young people who are targeted, but sometimes people who are a little vulnerable, looking for a connection with another human being, someone who ‘sees’ them after living with passive neglect from their own families and partners…..

World of Warcraft is an original setting for the grooming, but it made sense….the escapism and chatting with other ‘players’….

I found the chapters showing the online chats between Martin and his potential victims truly terrifying, it seems so innocuous but the menace behind it is palpable….I enjoyed the police procedural part too and the atmosphere of sheer menace is a credit to M.M.Chouinard’s gripping writing..

I loved the relationship between Jo and Arnett, the friendly banter and heartfelt chats really brought them to life…

Will Jo manage to find Martin before he kills again? Will Diana survive?……

With a stunning ending, I loved every minute and read this in one sitting and can thoroughly recommend it for anyone who loves a serial killer thriller…I’ll certainly be looking out for #2 in the Jo Fournier series.

Thank you to Bookouture for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook  in exchange for my honest review.

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Author Bio:


M.M. Chouinard’s first fiction story was published in her local paper when she was eight, and she fell in love with Agatha Christie novels not long after. While pursuing a Ph.D in psychology and helping to found the first U.S. research university of the new millenium, the stories kept rattling around inside her skull, demanding to come out. For sanity’s sake, she released them. She’s currently at work on her seventh novel.

Author Social Media Links:




Title:  The Dancing Girls   

Publication Day: 15/05/2019

Author:   M.M. Chouinard  

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Lost Daughter by Ali Mercer – Book Review



If you think photos aren’t important… wait until they’re all you have left of your child.

Your life isn’t perfect, but you’re still happy. Your husband has stuck by you and he’s a good dad. Your daughter Becca makes your heart explode with love. And then, in the time it takes to say ‘bad mother’, there’s no longer a place for you in your own family. Your right to see your child has disappeared.

Life goes on in your house – family dinners, missing socks and evening baths – but you aren’t there anymore. Becca may be tucked up in bed in Rose Cottage, but she is as lost to you as if she had been snatched from under your nose.

Everyone knows you deserve this, for what you did. Except you’re starting to realise that things maybe aren’t how you thought they were, and your husband isn’t who you thought he was either. That the truths you’ve been so diligently punishing yourself for are built on sand, and the daughter you have lost has been unfairly taken from you. Wouldn’t that be more than any mother could bear?

A heart-wrenchingly emotional drama for fans of Lisa Wingate, Jill Childs and Jodi Picoult.



When the publishers say this is heart wrenching, they aren’t kidding……oh my heart..

Told from the different points of view of three women and their differing circumstances, but all three have one thing in common, their children are no longer living with them…..

Rachel, did something awful and as a result, husband Mitchell has custody of their daughter, Becca….What could she have done that was so bad?

Viv, has a son who is in an institution and has been since a child…

Leona, had put her child up for adoption, but not as a baby….

The book follows these women’s emotional rollercoaster, their guilt and shame at the things they have done for, what they believed, was the best at the time…it covers emotive issues such as depression, autism and ultimately friendship, hope and love…..heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. Wonderful writing by Ali Mercer…..

Thank you to Bookouture for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook  in exchange for my honest review.

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Ali decided she wanted to be a writer early on and wrote her first novel when she was at primary school. She did an English degree and spent her early twenties working in various jobs in journalism, including as a reporter for the showbusiness newspaper The Stage. She started writing fiction in earnest after getting married, moving out of London to the Oxfordshire market town of Abingdon and starting a family. She has two children, a daughter and a son who is autistic and was diagnosed when he was four years old.

Ali is fascinated by families, their myths and secrets, and the forces that hold them together, split them up and (sometimes) bring them back together again. She always travels with tissues and a book and has been known to cry over a good story, but is also a big fan of the hopeful ending.

Author Social Media Links:

For updates and pictures, follow Ali on Twitter (@AlisonLMercer) or Instagram (@alimercerwriter), or on her Facebook page (AliMercerwriter)

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Something in The Water by Catherine Steadman – Book Review



The perfect couple. The perfect crime?

“Have you ever wondered how long it takes to dig a grave? Wonder no longer. It takes an age. However long you think it takes, double it…”

Erin is a documentary filmmaker on the brink of a professional breakthrough; Mark is a handsome investment banker with a bright future. They seem to have it all, until Mark loses his job and cracks start to appear in their perfect life. But they’re determined to make it work. They book their dream honeymoon and trust that things will work out – after all, they have each other.

On the tropical island of Bora Bora, Mark takes Erin scuba diving. Mark is with her – she knows he’ll keep her safe. Everything will be fine. Until they find something in the water…

Erin and Mark decide to keep their discovery a secret – after all, if no one else knows, who would be hurt? Their decision will trigger a devastating chain of events which will endanger everything they hold dear.

‘A wild, page-turning ride! It’s the perfect beach read!’

Reese Witherspoon

Something in the Water was selected for the Reese Witherspoon Book Club in July 2018 and has been optioned by Twentieth Century Fox for adaption, with Reese Witherspoon attached to produce.


Erin and Mark seem to have the perfect relationship…..but when Mark loses his job as a banker they decide to still have their honeymoon on the idyllic Bora Bora…..,

They decide to go scuba-diving and find a plane wreck in the water….they also find a bag…Flotsam? The contents of which would solve all their problems….

Hiding the bag in their hotel room, they have to decide what to do….can they keep it secret? Can they even trust each other?

I read this in a couple of days as it just drew me in and wouldn’t let go…Catherine Steadman has blended true facts, current affairs and a really believable thriller into one. What happens after is lots of twists and turns with lies and secrets and even a gangsters help. Well worth a read………

Thank you to Anne Cater and Random Things Tours for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the book  in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

You can buy a copy here (click on the image)



Catherine Steadman is an actress and writer based in North London. She has appeared in leading roles on British television as well as on stage in the West End, most recently in Agatha Christie’s Witness for the Prosecution in 2018. In 2016 she was nominated for Laurence Olivier Award for her performance in Oppenheimer. She is best known for her role as Mabel Lane Fox in Downton Abbey. She grew up in the New Forest and lives with a small dog and average sized man. Something in the Water is her first novel and her second is due for release in early 2020.

‘An opening worthy of Hitchcock’ Sunday Times

‘A tightly paced thriller that will leave you questioning your own morality’ Grazia

‘Pure adrenaline: I swallowed this book whole’ Erin Kelly ‘A thriller for our times’ Louise Candlish

‘A fascinating moral dilemma, a fast-paced examination of the slippery slope and the precarious foundations our middle-class lives are built on, and a sensitive examination of a marriage under pressure’ Gillian McAllister

New York Times

‘A cunning mixture of domestic noir thriller and action romp… addictive morality tale from a debut writer who already seems to know exactly what she is doing’ Sunday Express

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The Butcher’s Daughter by Jane E James – Book Review



Trust no one. Not even yourself.

When Natalie Powers returns home for the first time in thirteen years, she must convince everyone she has fully recovered from the mental illness, which has seen her institutionalised for most of her young life.

But instead of being welcomed back, Natalie enters a baffling world of deception. She must fight her way through the lies in order to discover the truth about her mother’s sudden disappearance sixteen years earlier. To do this, Natalie must also try to make sense of the hazy memories from the past that continue to haunt her.

In the village of Little Downey, everybody appears to harbour a mysterious secret, including her father, Frank, the village butcher, who refuses to discuss the circumstances surrounding Natalie’s mother’s disappearance, but who can Natalie trust if not her own father? Especially when it becomes clear her protector and confidante, Dr Moses, is not all he appears.

Meanwhile, a spate of unexplained clifftop suicides has seen the seaside resort go into decline. Are the villagers somehow involved or is something more sinister at work?

Determined to find out what happened to her mother, Natalie must make sure her own frailty and self-doubt does not catapult her back to the mental institution before she can uncover the truth…



The start of this is brutal, Natalie’s Dad wanted her to toughen up, so as a seven year old he told her they were going to a zoo, but instead he took her to the abattoir, where men were slaughtering animals….the blood and sheer terror of the animals was palpable….horrific…

Natalie, is now returning home, after spending thirteen years in an institution….people treat her with caution and her father, Frank is as mean as he was when she left…..refuses to talk about her mother……she died…..didn’t she?

What is in the whitewashed building??…….

Natalie is still self harming as she is so distressed all the time…….will she find the truth of Suicide Bay….

This is one of the most nerve wracking books I have read…..the animal slaughter brings a horror of its own…..but it gets worse…something awful is being done by the inhabitants of Little Downey……or is it all in Natalie’s damaged mind?

Do not read this at night……those blue Little Downey eyes will haunt you…!

Thank you to Bloodhound Books for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook  in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.



Jane is an author of dark fiction and psychological thrillers. She comes from an editorial and marketing background and when she isn’t being mysterious, like her books, she enjoys living the ‘good life’ in the Cambridgeshire countryside with her husband and Jack Russell Terrier.

Her chilling suspense thriller ‘The Crying Boy’, which was inspired by actual events, became an overnight best seller when it was published by Bloodhound Books in early 2017. Jane’s most recent novel, The Butcher’s Daughter (out May 2019) is a tense and haunting psychological thriller.

Visit Jane’s website or catch up with her on Facebook and Twitter, but bring wine and Monster Munch…

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The Gemini Experiment by Brian Pinkerton – Book Review



Meet Tom Nolan. And meet Tom Nolan. One is a devoted family man recruited for an experiment to unlock the secrets of immortality. The other is a robot replica creating death and destruction. When Russian spies discover the technological breakthrough to turn man into machine, the stakes are raised and Tom (or is it Tom?) must save the day.




“Tom Nolan stared into his own eyes. The did not blink.”

Tom had been recently diagnosed with Lowry’s disease, a motor neurone disease and he is aware of the effects this will have on his body….

He is then offered a chance… transfer his consciousness into a synthetic clone, which if successful would make him immortal…..given the alternative, he agrees and his body is mapped, the next stage will be brain mapping.

But first the tech needs to be tested, so they offer the same chance to Louis, a lifer in prison with terminal stomach cancer……he jumps at the chance.

The tech works, but it’s not all plain sailing and the replica escapes, violent and unpredictable, and so it’s a race against time to recover it……before the Russians do. Who will be the winner… there even a good or evil here?

This feels like a ‘we can do it, but should we do it’ scenario…..yes we’d all like to be free of disease or disability but at what cost to humanity itself….very thought provoking…..

Some great characters and while it’s clearly science fiction it really had an air of possibility about it…scary (reminded me a little of Neill Blomkamp’s movie Chappie) Nicely paced with the action building to a clever end…a credit to Brian Pinkerton excellent, creative writing….loved it…

Thank you to Anne Cater and Random Things Tours for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the book  in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

You can buy a copy here (click on the image)

About the author


Brian Pinkerton tells stories to frighten, amuse and intrigue. He is the author of novels and short stories in the thriller, horror, science fiction and mystery genres. His books include Abducted (a USA Today bestseller), Vengeance, Anatomy of Evil, Killer’s Diary, Rough Cut, Bender, Killing the Boss and How I Started the Apocalypse (a trilogy). Select titles have also been released as audio books and in foreign languages. His short stories have appeared in PULP!, Chicago Blues, Zombie Zoology and The Horror Zine.
Brian has been a guest author and panelist at the San Diego Comic Con, American Library Association annual conference, World Horror Convention and many other literary and genre events. His screenplays have finished in the top 100 of Project Greenlight and top two percent of the Nicholl Fellowship of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Three of the scripts have been compiled in a collection, Unreleased.
Brian received his B.A. from the University of Iowa, where he took undergraduate classes of the Iowa Writers Workshop. He received his Master’s Degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.
Brian lives in the Chicago area and invites you to visit him on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter and at Brian is also a cartoonist and his web site includes his deranged cartoon series, The Ruts.

FLAME TREE PRESS is the new fiction imprint of Flame Tree Publishing. Launching in 2018 the list brings together brilliant new authors and the more established; the award winners, and exciting, original voices.


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Long Shadow by Caroline Kington – Book Review and #GIVEAWAY



When farmer Dan Maddicott is found shot dead in one of his fields, he leaves behind a young familyand a farm deep in debt. Although the coroner records accidental death, village rumours suggest he has taken his own life so that the insurance payout can save his family from ruin.Dan’s wife, Kate, refuses to believe the gossip and is determined to prove to herself, and her children, that his death was an accident. But could it have been murder? Kate discovers a set of old diaries containing secrets that may reveal how Dan really died.

Set against the backdrop of the farming crisis of the turn of the millennium, Caroline Kington’s absorbing family drama also tells the secret history of another resident of the farm, decades before, whose tragic tale will come to have major repercussions in the present day.

A Long Shadow.indd


A Long Shadow by Caroline Kington is a family drama, set in the early 2000’s..

Kate’s husband, Dan has been found dead in one of his farms fields…..was this an accident or suicide?

Dan, a farmer with horrendous financial problems has Kate and his young family to deal with the aftermath of his death and the farms debts……a recent life insurance policy just increases the suspicions….

While a suspenseful drama, there’s a lot of emotion too, I felt so sorry for the family. I also enjoyed the chapters giving a background and history leading up to Dan’s death…thoroughly engrossing writing by Caroline Kington.

Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook. This is my honest, unbiased review.

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Readers can order the book from the Lightning Books website at 50% off (with free UK p&p) if youenter this code at checkout – BLOGTOURSHAD

Amazon UK-

Amazon US –

Author Bio –


Caroline Kington spent most of her working life in theatre and television, as a director, producer and founder of the fringe theatre company Antidote Theatre.

Since the death of her husband Miles Kington, the columnist and broadcaster, she has posthumously published three of his books: a humorous memoir of his illness, called How Shall I Tell the Dog?; a collection of his columns and other writings, The Best By Miles; and a collection of his celebrated ‘Franglais’ columns that had not appeared in book form before, Le Bumper Book of Franglais.

In her own right, she is the author of the Summerstoke trilogy of rural comedies. She insists that no character in the series is based on anybody from the small village near Bath where she has lived for many years. Nobody believes her.

Her novel A Long Shadow had its origins in a feature she made for Channel 4 News at the turn of this century about the pressures on farmers as a result of BSE and foot-and-mouth disease.

Social Media Links –

Twitter: @carolinekington

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Night by Night by Jack Jordan – Book Review




If you’re reading this, I’m dead.”

Rejected by her family and plagued by insomnia, Rose Shaw is on the brink. But one dark evening she collides with a man running through the streets, who quickly vanishes. The only sign he ever existed – a journal dropped at Rose’s feet.

She begins to obsessively dedicate her sleepless nights to discovering what happened to Finn Matthews, the mysterious author of the journal. Why was he convinced someone wanted to kill him? And why, in the midst of a string of murders, won’t the police investigate his disappearance?

Rose is determined to uncover the truth. But she has no idea what the truth will cost her…



Rose is an insomniac, but nobody seems to realise just how badly this is affecting her daily life. She has two daughters, Lily and Violet and a husband, Christian. Her brother, Jay had killed himself some time ago and she is estranged from her father and is a bit of a mess.

Lily is the only one that shows some sympathy for her mother, Violet just tuts and is embarrassed by her….until a terrible accident which results in the death of Lily…

Christian and Lily seem to turn against her and hold her responsible……

Feeling so alone and lost, one night she bumps into a man in the dark….he drops a journal. Rose reads it and is stunned that the writer, Finn, was scared for his life after being stalked by a man.

She takes this to the police, but feels fobbed off……but will not let it go.

What follows is a tension packed hunt for the truth….just who is the stalker? Is Finn alive? And just why do the police not seem to care?

At times this is a tough read, the violence and homophobia are horrific, and what Rose has to endure is at times heartbreaking and in one case, intensely claustrophobic!!! I was so angry as to why no one would show her any sympathy or believe any thing she said…..and as for Christian…the less said the better…

Incredible, emotive and moody writing by Jack Jordan, if you like a dark, nail biting thriller, then you love this….

I would like to thank the Pigeonhole and the author for the opportunity to read this book for free and this is my honest and unbiased review