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Strays and Relations by Dizzy Greenfield – Book Review



Strays and Relations follows the story of Dizzy, whose search for her birth parents is sad, humorous, and in parts bizarre. Dizzy learns that she began life as a surviving twin, then was fostered until a permanent home was found.

Dizzy begins her search for her original identity. Why was she given up for adoption in the 1960s? Following a tenuous lead, she travels to Ireland with her best friend Sugar, but the trail takes a misleading turn. It ends in what they mistakenly believe is Dizzy’s mother’s grave.

Dizzy falls in love with Will, a blacksmith. But something is missing. Dizzy’s life changes when her birth father Tommy makes contact using a private detective. He reveals that her birth mother is alive and married to a man called Vernon. Now the bigger, trickier task lies ahead: working out how to fit the disparate bits of her life together. This is a book which will both amuse and touch readers’ hearts.

Strays and Relations manages sensitive subject matter with engaging wit and sharply-observed dialogue, and includes vivid descriptions of some rather unusual animals and people. It will appeal to readers who have encountered a recycled animal or family.



Dizzy knew she was adopted…..She also knew she was much loved by her adoptive parents but had always wondered why her biological mother had given her away..

She contacts the relevant authorities and gets her ‘birth file’….with only basic details and adds herself to the search register.

She travels to Ireland with her best friend, Sugar, to find out more about her mother…..their laugh out loud exploits are bittersweet though…

Dervla (Dizzy) Greenfield writes an emotional rollercoaster here with laughter, love and some tears….Merlin, the grated cheese stealing greyhound is a riot !

I don’t want to say too much as there’s a lot to spoil, but I loved this book with its funny, touching, emotional and sympathetic covering of adoption and life ….wonderful writing by Dizzy Greenfield….I can thoroughly recommend it.

Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook  in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

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Author Bio:


 I have lived in the West Country all of my life, but never in such a remote place as I do now –  in the middle of the woods with rooks and bats.  It may be remote but it’s never quiet in Dizzyland! 

When I’m not looking after the dogs, chickens and a six-toed cat, I help run a blacksmith’s forge with my partner.

My ideas come from humorous incidents in my own life, which I fictionalise. Strays and Relations is my first novel.

Before I began writing I had various jobs, including working in a wildlife park and as a youth worker.

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Twitter:  @DizzyGreenfield

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Go West by David Quantick – Book Review. #bookreview #GoWest


GO WEST is a novel about Charlie Bread, self-styled Antiques Whisperer and forgery hunter. When Charlie is sent on the trail of a mysterious document that may have been written by the inventor of Peter Pan, his life becomes a road movie full of pursuit and intrigue, soundtracked by old John Peel shows, the beautiful Penelope, and a game of high road hide-and-seek all across the West Country.

In a world where nothing is what it seems, Bread has to find out the truth – before the truth finds him out. 

Go West is the second novel by David Quantick, Emmy-winning writer (Veep, The Thick Of It) and author of The Mule (“A Da Vinci Code with laughs – The Independent, “ingenious, likable, funny and above all entertaining” -Spectator, “accomplished and witty highbrow farce”



Charlie Bread is a self styled ‘Antiques Whisperer’, who can spot a fake at 20 paces. He’s employed by Roger Armstrong of Prings Auction House to authenticate a notebook, which may have been written by JM Barrie of Peter Pan fame. This is where the madness begins……

The marvellous plot jumps about, with the wonderful Penelope, appearing and disappearing, with Cora and the fake Cora, vintage cars and tapes of John Peel’s radio shows……the star of the story for me was the Three in One Inn…..I haven’t laughed out loud while reading for a long time but this had me crying with laughter at points.

No it’s not great literature and doesn’t purport to be, but it does have great characters, twists and turns, music and some great humour. I can absolutely recommend it.

My thanks to The Pigeonhole and David Quantick for the opportunity to read this for free. My opinions are my own, honest and unbiased.

you can buy a copy here ar Amazon

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The Anomaly by Michael Rutger – Book Review

e974b558-5ec7-4d1b-889f-1e1ce28db238PUBLISHERS BLURB 

An utterly gripping thriller perfect for fans of Dan Brown, Michael Crichton and Stephen King. The Anomaly will leave you breathless until the final page has been turned . . .


A team of explorers seek ancient treasures, hidden in a secret cave.

At first it seems they will return empty handed. Then their luck turns.


But the team’s elation is short-lived as they become trapped there in the dark, with little possibility of escape.

Then events take an even more terrifying turn.

For not all secrets are meant to be found . 


Nolan Moore is the ‘Star’ of The Anomaly Files, a YouTube documentary show that investigates various myths and legends, and they are on a quest to find Kincaid’s Cavern in the Grand Canyon. They only have vague directions and descriptions of the area… off they go !.

There is Ken, a smoking, drinking, old hand producer, he of the witty one liners, such as “Let it be known that I can wave my own penis around, should the need arise.”

Pierre, the handsome cameraman.

Gemma, a journalist along to document the journey in writing.

Feather, the ever cheerful tag along from the investors and Dylan the tour guide.

A rag tag group, with some great characters and the sarcastic wit between them gives some laugh out loud moments at times.

The story is, do they find Kincaid’s Cavern ? Is there a Cradle of Life ?? and are there monsters ? Oh indeed there are ……!

This is a great read, with some nice pop culture references and it feels like a mix of X-Files, Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider….it’s truly gripping with some great humour, tension, excitement and some surprises along the dark and scary way. I loved this and can thoroughly recommend it.

Thanks to Bonnier Zaffre for a free copy for an honest review