Dead End by Rachel Lynch – Book Review



Dead End by Rachel Lynch

The third in the Kelly Porter series of books and is set in Ullswater, the Lake District. While it’s the third in a series, it can be read as a stand-alone, as I haven’t read either of the others yet, but it didn’t feel disjointed in any way.

At Wasdale Hall, the Earl of Lowesdale, Xavier-Paulus II, is found hanging in his bedroom, by his grandson Zachary. Suicide?

2 young women, Hannah and Sophie are missing after leaving a campsite for a hike in the hills. They have been missing for a few days and concern grows for their safety…..

DS Kelly Porter is investigating both cases and wonders if there’s a link to Freya Hamilton who had been missing for a few months.

Rachel Lynch has created an original character in Kelly, she doesn’t have the usual ‘tough female cop, with a temper’ persona as is found in many novels in this genre. She has a healthy, happy relationship with Johnny, a family with the usual dramas (a couple not so usual though and a little link to Wasdale Hall), which just adds to Kelly’s character and is not the main point at all. She’s just a regular human being. The description of the area is detailed and atmospheric and Rachel Lynch clearly knows the area and breathes life into it.

Brian, is the gardener come handyman on the Wasdale estate and his partner, Linda, has been the housekeeper for the Earl for many years and has seen Zac grow up. She also has a son a little older than Zac, Dominic.

There are other characters which play a large part in the story and the suspects add up, each one is credible and it keeps you guessing to the end. Just when you think, ahhhhh it’s him, it isn’t!!!!!!

This is a book that will make you lose time…..as it’s a ‘just one more chapter’ read. I can thoroughly recommend it.

I would like to thank the Author/the Publishers/NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for a fair and honest review