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Winterman by Alex Walters – Book Review.



DI Ivan Winterman is a man with a troubled past. The Blitz has left his young son dead and his wife seriously injured. He has made enemies in high places and, with his career going nowhere, he returns to his home town in East Anglia, seeking to rebuild his life in a country gripped by post-war austerity and the coldest winter on record.

As the first snow begins to fall, a drunken ex-clergyman stumbles on the semi-mummified body of a small child concealed in a ruined cottage. Days later, a second similar child’s body is found in a Fenland dyke. Both bodies have been dead for several years, preserved in the Fens, the cause of death unknown.

Winterman, supported by a small team of assorted misfits, finds himself leading the investigation, uncovering a web of connections and secrets in the small rural community. When a further murder victim is discovered, Winterman discovers that the secrets are darker and the threat far more immediate than he’d ever envisaged.

And, as the snow finally begins to thaw over the Fens, Winterman realises that his worst nightmares are about to come true…

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The story is set in 1940’s Britain, after the war had ended but food, fuel shortages and rationing are still part of everyday life.

The small village of Framley is covered by snow, when a drunken ex-clergyman comes across the body of a child…left for someone to find…

DI Waterman is posted to the small local Police Station and along with his colleagues, Hoxton, Marsh and the ever eager PC Brain they begin the investigation, only for more bodies to be found and even murder.

The deep snow hampers them considerably but they carry on in this twisty thriller, with murder, blackmail and secrets. Alex Walter’s wonderfully descriptive and moody writing brings chills that having nothing to do with the weather…..written in the vein of classic Josephine Tey, there are marvellous characters and I have to say the indomitable Mrs Sherringham is a favourite…

I thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns and the ingenious reveal….I never saw it coming. I hope to read more of DI Winterman and Mary.

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Winterman is Alex Walters’s first historical crime novel. He is the author of Candles and Roses, Death Parts Us and Their Final Act, all featuring DI Alec McKay and set in and around the Black Isle in the Scottish Highlands. He has also written five books set in and around ManchesterTrust No-One and Nowhere to Hide featuring the undercover officer, Marie Donovan, and Late Checkout, Dark Corners and Snow Fallen, featuring DCI Kenny Murrain – and three crime novels set in modern-day Mongolia, The Shadow WalkerThe Adversary and The Outcast.  Alex has previously worked in the oil industry, broadcasting and banking and as a consultant working mainly in the criminal justice sector. He now runs the Solus Or Writing Retreat in the Black Isle with his wife, occasional sons and some cats.

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A Testament to Murder by Vivian Conroy – Book Review. #bookreview #blogtour





Suspenseful from the first page to the last, A Testament to Murder is perfect for fans of And Then There Were None, Murder on the Orient Express, and Crooked House.

A dying billionaire. Nine would-be heirs. But only one will take the prize…

At the lush Villa Calypso on the French Riviera, a dying billionaire launches a devious plan: at midnight each day he appoints a new heir to his vast fortune. If he dies within 24 hours, that person takes it all. If not, their chance is gone forever.

Yet these are no ordinary beneficiaries, these men who crossed him, women who deceived him, and distant relations intent on reclaiming the family fortune. All are determined to lend death a hand and outwit their rivals in pursuit of the prize.

As tensions mount with every passing second, retired Scotland Yard investigator Jasper must stay two steps ahead of every player if he hopes to prevent the billionaire’s devious game from becoming a testament to murder…



Uncle Malcolm is dying, he calls his family and various acquaintances to his side at his Villa on the Riviera. There he tells them of his plan……he’s going to change the beneficiary of his will at midnight every day……no-one will know whose name is on the document…..if he dies during that 24 hours, then the person named will inherit everything…….a spiteful, devious plan.

Malcolm’s neighbour, Jasper, is a retired Scotland Yard detective and the French police allow him to investigate the crimes. He interviews each of the potential heirs and gradually pieces together the jigsaw of clues.

What follows is an ingenious tale in the vein of Agatha Christie or Josephine Tey, a classic whodunnit that will genuinely keep you guessing right to the end. Vivian Conroy’s sublime writing brings to life the glamour of the 1920’s and the ‘monied’ class. I didn’t find any of the characters likeable but I was engrossed and needed to find out just who was the murderer is…..a thoroughly entertaining read.

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Armed with cheese and chocolate, Vivian Conroy sits down to create the aspirational settings, characters with secrets up their sleeves, and clever plots which took several of her mysteries to #1 bestseller in multiple categories on Amazon US and Canada. Away from the keyboard, Vivian likes to hike (especially in the Swiss mountains), hunt for the perfect cheesecake and experience the joy in every-day life, be it a fiery sunset, a gorgeous full moon or that errant butterfly descending on the windowsill.

Twitter: @VivWrites