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Quality DNA by Beth Martin – Book Review



Quality DNA by Beth Martin is set in distant future, but not too distant and there is the now a one child policy all over the US.

Irene Crow, who works for the social department, is responsible for investigating when two babies have been born to one parent.

As DNA is taken from each child at birth and registered centrally, there is no bypassing law. As soon as a baby is born alive, both parents are sterilised to ensure that the law is upheld. How abhorrent, even the thought of this angered me, which is a credit to Beth Martin’s writing.

Irene finds there is an increase in babies being born with the DNA of a previously sterilised parent or even a dead man

With an ever growing population, while this is fiction, it doesn’t take much stretch of the imagination to envisage such a thing happening. A really thought provoking and very clever read.

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