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Tainted by David Evans @DavidEwriter @CarolineBookBit

Great review by Sarah…I also enjoyed the two storylines….very clever


Book Description:

A botched attempt to extort money has tragic consequences.
An embarrassing DNA match to an unsolved rape and murder twenty years before means DI Colin Strong has to use his best diplomatic tactics.
Simultaneously, journalist Bob Souter is tasked with writing about that same case to re-focus public attention. Will the newspaper’s actions help or hinder the police?
Meanwhile, Strong’s team has two separate murder enquiries to run.
With their friendship under duress, will Souter and Strong be able to work together?

My Thoughts:

Tainted is the fourth book in the Wakefield Series. Whilst it isn’t essential to have read the others in the series, I would recommend it to get the most out of this book with there being references to previous events.

There is quite a lot going on in this novel with two murder cases on the go. I didn’t envy Strong and his team…

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