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Tainted by David Evans – Book Review. #blogtour #bookreview



The Wakefield Series #4

A botched attempt to extort money has tragic consequences.

An embarrassing DNA match to an unsolved rape and murder twenty years before means DI Colin Strong has to use his best diplomatic tactics.

Simultaneously, journalist Bob Souter is tasked with writing about that same case to re-focus public attention. Will the newspaper’s actions help or hinder the police?

Meanwhile, Strong’s team has two separate murder enquiries to run.

With their friendship under duress, will Souter and Strong be able to work together? Find out in TAINTED – book 4 in the acclaimed Wakefield Series!



Set in Yorkshire, well Leeds and Wakefield in 2002, Detective Inspector Colin Strong, his Detective Sargent Kelly Stainmore and his team investigate a murder after a man’s body is found in a public toilet by a local dog walker.

They are also looking into a cold case, from 20 years previously, which is the murder of a 14 year old girl, Claire Hobson. DNA that had been found on her body has a link to a new PC in the station.

Then a second body is found, and yet another investigation is underway.

Bob Souter, a journalist and friend of DI Strong is also looking into the old murder for a 20th anniversary story. I found it very clever of David Evans to have this parallel investigation, to show a different side to the story and how differently people react to the police or the press.

This really details the way a police investigation works and its way of finding a small detail, which leads to more and more revealing moments. Very cleverly written with great, likeable and believable characters. 

The ending is nail bitingly tense and ties up all the loose ends. While this is one of a series, it’s still easy to follow as a stand-alone, but I will be looking out for the next one for sure.

If you like a police procedural then this is a must read and I can recommend it without reservation.

Thank you to Caroline Vincent at Bits About Books for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook  in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. 

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David Evans is a Scots-born writer who found his true love as well as his inspiration for his detective series, in Wakefield. Having written all his life, in 2012 he decided to go for it – successfully as the next year, in 2013, he was shortlisted for the CWA Debut Dagger Award.

The Wakefield Series became an International Bestseller in June 2017 with success in Canada and Australia as well as the UK.

Early 2018 Disposal was published, the first book in the Tendring Series, a new detective series, set in north Essex in the 1970s.

Now, the first three books in the Wakefield series have been republished by Orchard View Publications with brand new covers – Orchard View Publications also publishes the fourth book in the series, TAINTED.

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