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A Fractured Winter by Alison Baillie – Book Review #blogtour #bookreview



When someone is out to get you, is there anywhere you can hide?

From the outside, Olivia seems to lead an idyllic existence with her husband and children. But when she starts receiving notes, she knows her perfect life is under threat.

She thought she’d managed to put the past behind her, but someone seems determined to reveal her secret.

Meanwhile girls are vanishing in the area and Olivia fears for her family’s safety.

Has someone discovered the real reason she left Scotland all those years ago?

And does her secret have links to the recent disappearances?

When someone is out to get you, is there anywhere you can hide?

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Olivia and her husband Christian live in Switzerland, with children Julian, Marc and Lara.

All is peaceful and happy until Olivia finds an anonymous note left for her. Someone knows her secret!

Then, Sandra, a local child and one of Lara’s friends goes missing after school. They are all distraught, but this affects Olivia badly and she worries about the safety of her own children, almost obsessively.

The story, flips back to Scarborough in 1984 and Marie is a sad little girl, with no friends and a volatile relationship with her father, due to his moods, her mother tries to keep the peace but life is fraught.

She’s an intelligent girl though and decides to go to university and when she plans to go overseas, her parents show her her birth certificate and her already fragile relationship with her parents is nearly broken.

We then travel to 1998 in Edinburgh and Lucy is attending university, but a little naive and a bit needy, Lucy finds herself pregnant after just one date. What links these girls?

Back to 2016, Switzerland and Olivia meets Aurelia, who is renovating the nearby Grand Wildenbach Hotel, Olivia is drawn to Aurelia and the hotel and the motherly comfort she receives.

But, always wondering what happened to little Sandra, Olivia begins to suspect everyone around her, becoming more and more tense and unhappy. 

Alison Baillie has written a marvellously descriptive tale with details of the Swiss culture, food and the landscape which helps add to the atmosphere and then to Olivia’s believable emotional tension.

I felt it showed how feelings of guilt and low self esteem can affect a persons life and the decisions they make and giving me, as the reader, a slightly unsettled feeling, which is a credit to Alison Baillie’s very clever writing.

There are a few ‘suspicious’ characters, and the creepiness is high right to the very end…. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves a psychological thriller. A creepy, moody and atmospheric read.

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About the Author


Alison Baillie was born in Scarborough of Scottish parents and lived in County Durham, Somerset and the Yorkshire Dales before going to university in Scotland. She then taught English in several Edinburgh secondary schools before moving to Switzerland where she still lives now. She’s taught English as a Foreign Language in Finland and Switzerland.

When she stopped teaching full-time, she fulfilled a life-time ambition and wrote Sewing the Shadows Together, a psychological suspense novel inspired in part by events when she was teaching in Scotland. 

She is fascinated by the way we are influenced by the events of our past and has now written a second novel, A Fractured Winter, set in Switzerland, Scotland and Yorkshire.  

She has two sons and three grandchildren and is proud of their international roots, having a mixture of Scottish, Swiss, Polish and Finnish heritage. As well as spending time with them, she loves travelling, walking in the mountains and by the sea, reading and writing.

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Thank you to Bloodhound Books for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook  in exchange for my honest review. 


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