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Join me as I take my turn on the Blog Tour for Tony J Forders #Bliss4 The Reach Of Shadows. A book that doesn’t disappoint you but one that delivers the best encounter yet with Bliss . #worthreading #worthallthestars #ReadBHauthors @TonyJForder @Bloodhoundbooks



Take a bluff exterior, add a sense of humour, a great team  backing him up and the tenaciousness  of a dog with a bone and you have DI Bliss. Of all the outings with Bliss  this is by far my favourite one. To me in this book Bliss has grown into the character that the author was aiming for. One the readers can relate to and have come to respect and enjoy. For a long while the readers shelves have been lacking a great male lead detective but no longer. To me Bliss fills that gap and I would love to see him on the small screen filling the space left by not having Frost, Morse and Wexford anymore.I will not apologise for my enthusiasm of the book as I thoroughly enjoyed this, as I did with  all the other offerings from the author and I want you…

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