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Rosie’s #Bookreview of #Mentalhealth themed #Suspense, THE BUG JAR by Ava Black @jlightbody11 #TuesdayBookBlog

Lovely review of a great book

Rosie Amber

The Bug JarThe Bug Jar by Ava Black

4 stars

The Bug Jar is a suspense story with a mental health theme. The book is contemporary and set in Chicago.

Samantha Hollard (Sam) has mental health issues. Her medication allows her periods of release from the world. She thinks she killed a boy called Evan. However, she first heard of the story on the news; a car with her distinctive type and colouring was reported at the scene. The crime scene is a neighbourhood she regularly visits, and her car does has a child-size dent in the bumper; she just can’t remember the accident.

Sam has a complex life; she dropped out of college, struggles to hold down a job and is sleeping with two men. One of them is politician Richard Harrison, who is currently in the running for mayor; he’s also Evan’s stepdad.

The layers of plot are skilfully muddied…

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