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An early gift from CJ Tudor

Nice honest review…Abbie Eyes will haunt me for a while though


This week I have found reviewing difficult. When having a streaming cold and a pounding headache it has been very difficult to concentrate on anything for an extended period. Unluckily I was over half way through CJ Tudor‘s The Taking of Annie Thorne before I got ill. Unlike The Chalk Man, this book has taken over three weeks to read as I have been reading it directly from the pre-release copy instead of my usual method of audio, which doesn’t require any outside help. However, this has not had any adverse affect on my level of enjoyment, if anything this added extra complexity to the nature of the review as it was not only myself that was experiencing it.

Much like in The Chalk Man, the past has got a heavy influence over The Taking of Annie Thorne. In both books the solving of the mystery is hidden…

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