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New Iberia Blues: one last hurrah?

Brilliant review….added to my ever growing TBR list


iberiaThis book has ‘swansong’ stamped all the way through it. The latest in a long line of literary crime novels in the Dave Robicheaux series, The New Iberia Blues reads like the author’s valedictory address. It’s an extended farewell to old Louisiana, as the landmass slowly disintegrates into the ocean and the subtle shades of the French/Cajun culture of the Deep South are overwhelmed by the harsh realities of the modern world.

In parallel, detective Robicheaux is an olde-worlde archaism, a flawed but honourably intentioned throwback to the mid-20th century. This is Robicheaux’s ‘do not go gently into that good night’ moment, when the weight of all his personal history threatens to overwhelm the storyline.

James Lee Burke couldn’t write a bad book if he tried, and New Iberia Blues is saturated in his beautiful, lyrical imagery. It comes as close to prose-poetry as you’re likely to find in…

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