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Review: Bound by Mark Lawrence (Book of the Ancestor 2.5)

Love the review….now need to read Bound

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Hello and welcome to my first review of 2019… and yes it is another Mark Lawrence review. Prepare for plenty of these throughout the year because I just discovered his books last year so I have plenty more to read.

*Spoiler Warning* This book takes place AFTER Grey Sister. There are references in this short story that might spoil Grey Sister a little bit for you. This review however is spoiler free! 


I read this on my dinner break at work. It is very short and sweet but so packed with everything you expect and need from a part of this series. This book is mainly centred around Nona, Ara and Regol. It also includes Sister Apple and Sister Kettle. Throw Zole in there and it would have been all my faves in one story. The story itself is mainly based around a serial killer and kissing. Like what…

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