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The Garden of Stars by Samuel Canerday – Book Review

c9011ea8-259c-423a-bb5c-990f4c3f0f18The Garden of Stars by Samuel Canerday

The protagonist is a young man who, still troubled by the death of his father, returns home from college and tells his Mother he’s dropping out….she freaks out and as a result he decides to leave home and take a vacation to Mablepoint….

He checks in to a small hotel and ask about the area and is told a visit to The Iris Gardens is a must. Oh my, here the horror begins !

There is an archway, with a darkness that is calling…visions and terrible things seen and unseen lurking. There are lights in the night sky too like a midnight rainbow from the sea and a noise to scare the soul but which has a vague familiarity to it.

With murder, and freaky inhabitants, Mablepoint is a waking nightmare – I won’t give any spoilers, but if you love tales by Poe and Lovecraft you will adore this novella by Samuel Canerday….I can thoroughly recommend it.

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