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Red Snow: a complex chiller

I have to read this…..


redsnowLike the very best Nordic noir, Red Snow conveys an eerie sense of place, of the suffocating claustrophobia endured by the inhabitants of a small Swedish town in frozen February. And like the very best crime fiction, the story in Red Snow centres on a remarkable protagonist, a touchstone for her time.

Tuva Moodyson is a recently bereaved, independent, professional and intelligent young woman. She’s also isolated, deaf – reliant on her all-too fallible hearing aids for ‘normal’ contact with the world around her – and bisexual.

With all those characteristics, you might expect Tuva to be a royal pain in the ass, a postergirl for the #MeToo generation. But the only snowflakes in sight are the ones piled deep into six-foot snowdrifts. Tuva’s written in exemplary fashion, so she feels just like – well, fancy that – a normal person. Which of course, she is.

The events of Red…

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