Bitter Leaves by Tabatha Stirling

I’m currently reading Bitter Leaves by Tabatha Stirling via The Pigeonhole.

Pigeonhole releases books, FREE, stave by stave on a daily basis, so you get a few chapters a day. This is like an online book club, where you can leave comments as you read and interact with other readers, so you can see others opinions as you read. It’s just brilliant.AD48D9DE-1A27-4A9A-8211-E8B13E15F318

As for Bitter Leaves, oh my this is a heartbreaking, anger making read. It’s so well written you really do forget it’s fiction and I’ve become so immersed  in the story I can’t wait for the new stave each morning to catch up with the characters. It’s about the awful treatment of female ‘maids’ in Singapore, the abuse they suffer and the downright slavery at the hands of their employers. I don’t know how this is going to end but I hope there is a little joy for some of the characters.

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