Damn hospital letter – Stage 4 melanoma

Yesterday I received a letter from my oncologist, it was addressed to DWP to support a PIP claim, all good. However, I was just copied in on this letter and to say it was bleak is a bit of an understatement. It says as my disease has progressed in one site ( I have mets in 3 sites at the moment) this will be dealt with locally (surgery). BUT this means unfortunately there is likelihood now of disease progression and my current treatment will be deemed ineffective and stop. As this is my final line of treatment available, the prognosis will be 3 to 6 months. EA8DE317-94FB-487D-B925-A5371A26665A

Now, while I am aware of the ‘limited options ‘ I wasn’t really aware that this is it and if it stops working I have very little time left on this planet. It did put a huge dampener on my day I have to be honest. BUT as the treatment is still working, as my last CT in October showed, the surgery to remove the errant tumours has been done….so I am two lumps down,  I am determined to keep fighting this bastard disease.

So this morning I went for a walk, only a mile round the local,park, but the cold and fresh air has done me the world of good.  I’m still healing from the surgery so didn’t want to go too far, but getting outside has given me time to put all this nonsense in its place and no more doom and gloom for me.




Book reviews

Bob The Street Cat by James Bowen – Book Review

70020F40-E184-411F-B5B1-680C3B993959.jpegI read this little book in a day as I wanted something light and easy to read. It’s a lovely story, about James Bowen, a recovering heroin addict and how finding Bob, a street smart stray cat, helped him turn his life around.

They have their scrapes and adventures and some scary moments when Bob runs off, but it’s a true story and is truly heartwarming.

I also saw YouTube videos of Bob the Big Issue cat and he’s a real cute kitty. He’s  even met the Duchess of Cambridge and had a movie made of the story staring Luke Treadaway, so pretty famous here in the UK…