Surgery done

Just a little update.

The surgery’s done and the surgeon confirmed two tumours removed. I do have to wait for histology for the results of biopsy etc, but as the mass was black, it’s definitely melanoma. As I have that already elsewhere this is no surprise, just lucky they’ve been able to remove at least some. I had a chest drain for a couple of days but that’s now gone, they are such a nuisance to carry around everywhere. There is some bruising and I’m still a bit sore and itchy, but the dressings are removed tomorrow so that should help, and I’ll get to see how long the wound is, judging by the dressing etc it’s about 6 inches long, so matches my axillary dissection scar, will look like train tracks !

I have one breast higher than the other too, but it’s probably only me that will notice ! Other than that seems ok so far, which as it’s only been a week I’m happy with how it’s healing.