Athena’s Champion by David Hair & Cath Mayo – Book Review




Athena’s Champion, 

Prince Odysseus of Ithaca, with the flaming red hair, visits the Pythia Oracle, who also happens to be his Grandmother, to be anointed as the heir to his Father’s kingdom.

BUT, an astonishing revelation is made and Odysseus is cast out, and an Assassin is sent after him. He is mortally wounded, but the Goddess Athena saves him and he becomes part of a secret war between the Gods of Olympus.

He is trained by Bria and Theseus but has to rely on his own skill and wits to survive.

This is a thrilling fresh tale, told from Odysseus’ perspective, which David Hair & Cath Mayo have written using modern language interspersed with Ancient Greek, bringing to life the classic Greek myths in an easy to read style to give explosive, exciting action alongside the sometimes complex politics of the Gods. I loved the humour in it too. I think this is going to be the next must read.


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