Murder in Mind by Faith Martin – Book Review

img_2237Murder in Mind by Faith Martin

Number 16 in the Hillary Green series.

Set in Oxford, Ex-DI Hillary Green is still working cold cases as part of of the Care Review Team (CRT). Her boss and lover Steven Crayle is about to move to a new job, so she is getting used to a new boss and two new young civilians on the team.

Sylvia Perkins and elderly lady, had been found dead in her home after being hit with a poker, back in 2010, so the CRT are looking into the case again. Also one of the young civilians on the team seems to be doing some sneaking around, which makes them wonder what the young dot.com millionaire is up to.

Faith Martin has created a great, believable and likeable character in Hillary Green, she’s a mature woman, respected by all her peers with an enviable reputation and still living on The Millers on the Oxford canal. While the story is relatively gentle, it is an in depth investigation and police procedural with a nice twist at the end.

I would like to thank the Author/the Publishers/NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for a fair and honest review

Published by Joffe Books


Athena’s Champion by David Hair & Cath Mayo – Book Review




Athena’s Champion, 

Prince Odysseus of Ithaca, with the flaming red hair, visits the Pythia Oracle, who also happens to be his Grandmother, to be anointed as the heir to his Father’s kingdom.

BUT, an astonishing revelation is made and Odysseus is cast out, and an Assassin is sent after him. He is mortally wounded, but the Goddess Athena saves him and he becomes part of a secret war between the Gods of Olympus.

He is trained by Bria and Theseus but has to rely on his own skill and wits to survive.

This is a thrilling fresh tale, told from Odysseus’ perspective, which David Hair & Cath Mayo have written using modern language interspersed with Ancient Greek, bringing to life the classic Greek myths in an easy to read style to give explosive, exciting action alongside the sometimes complex politics of the Gods. I loved the humour in it too. I think this is going to be the next must read.



Where the Truth Lies by M J Lee – Book Review









The first line had me hooked, “ I always bites the heads off babies. Dunno why. The orange ones first, then green, red, pink and finally yellow. Always save the yellow for last, I do. Never eat the purple ones though.”

DI Tom Ridpath is back at work after 9 month of treatment for Myeloma. He is seconded to the Coroner’s office as a coroners assistant. He helps investigate a potential serial killer when bodies start being found. An inquest is reopened in to an old case but Alice’s body is missing. Was James Dalbey, the Beast of Manchester innocent after all ?

This is a really gripping thriller, with a mix of gruesome details of torture and murder alongside a police procedural.

M J Lee has clearly done a lot of research into not only the workings of the police, the forensic investigation and the coroners office, but the emotional effects of cancer treatment giving a feel of realism to the story, reminding us Policeman are human after all with their own troubles.

There is some great descriptive writing, one of my favourites being : “ She smelt her fingertips and then touched them to her tongue. Metallic. Rusty. An aftertaste she couldn’t describe, like someone’s soul in liquid form.” It brings a real sense of menace and an insight to the mind of a killer. 

I hope this is a series and will be looking out for the next ‘Ridpath’ novel.

I would like to thank the Author/the Publishers/NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for a fair and honest review





Title: Where the Truth Lies


Author Name: M J Lee


Previous Books (if applicable): The Murder Game and The Killing Time


Genre: Crime Fiction


Release Date: 22nd October 2018


Publisher: Canelo