Murder on the Clifftops- Book Review

img_2127Murder on the clifftops

A cozy crime novel

Melissa Craig is a successful crime novelist who lives alone in the Cotswolds. She is friends with her neighbour, Iris, who is an artist, vegetarian, yoga enthusiast.

Iris is invited to run an art course in France and Melissa tags along to do research for her new book.

Shortly after their arrival a body is found at the base of a cliff, which is deemed an accident, however a further death occurs and this could be murder.

The investigation begins and Melissa is asked by the local gendarmes for her input and so begins a tale of old family hostilities between German Gestapo and French resistance fighters descendants. The book does take quite a while to get going and there were some odd instances of making fun of the French accent, which seemed a little old fashioned and even the French policeman was a little too Poirot, with his moustache and nose tapping to be taken seriously. I did enjoy the book overall though.

I would like to thank the Author/the Publishers/NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for a fair and honest review

#MurderOnTheClifftops #NetGalley

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