Melmoth by Sarah Parry – Book Review

D0065A04-A55D-4F82-8961-88B528A6FE3A.jpegMelmoth by Sarah Perry

Sarah Perry has done it again, the sheer eloquence of her writing makes this a must read for fans of literary fiction

This story is set in Prague in more recent times, but it does have the feel of a Victorian gothic novel. 

The book is written as letters, diaries and also has a story teller, giving full rein to Sarah Perry’s unique and beautiful way with language.

Helen Franklin is an English translator, who lives an austere life, of her choosing in Prague. She is troubled with guilt and a mysterious past. Her friend gives her a file, containing letters and diary entries written during different periods of history. 

The stories share a common theme, Guilt.   Melmoth is the dark witness that follows each of them. Does she exist or is she just a guilty conscience?

This is quite a dark read at times with, somewhat unlikable characters. When Helen’s story is revealed there is such emotion and it will leave a mark on you for a long time. A truly fascinating read.

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