The Bug Jar – Book Review



Samantha Holland has a mental health problem that she is trying to deal with, taking meds a bit haphazardly and she loses her job as a result.

Sam is also having an affair with a politician, Richard, and has a boyfriend, Mark, whose a mechanic and says he loves her, but she is using him to keep her car on the road.

Richards son dies in an accident and suspicion is on Sam, due to her mental health and she feels someone is out to get her. She is certain it was her that run him down in a yellow car, but signs point to her car being involved. Ava Black has written so many twists and turns, it really keeps you guessing until the last chapter or 2.

This is such a great read, with a really original slant. There’s cheating politicians, dodgy police Sheriffs, honest detectives and the odd mistress all in a clever thriller. It shows that mental health problems are a normal condition that should be treated just the same as any physical health problem. I really enjoyed this and while a cliche,  I really couldn’t put it down

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