Purple Hibiscus- Book Review



This is set in Nigeria and is the story of Kambili, the daughter of a wealthy man. She lives in relative luxury with good food, people to cook for the family and a driver. However, her father, who gives money to just about everyone and is highly successful and respected and is a deeply religious man, beats Kambili, her mother and brother. 

After a military coup, Kambili and her brother, JaJa are sent to stay with their aunt in the pretence of going on a pilgrimage, their they find laughter and kindness. While struggling for money and food there is such happiness neither want to return home. 

Kambili, when 16, falls in love with a local priest, Father Amadi, but this is not their love story. It is a beautifully written tale of human nature, good, bad and ugly at times. I found this to be genuinely moving and loved the insight into Nigerian culture. I hope there is a follow up as I need to know the rest of  Kambili’s story. A truly must read novel.