Lethal White – Book Review


Lethal White

The 4th in the Cormoran Strike series by Robert Galbraith, aka JK Rowling.

This has Cormoran and Robin investigating a dodgy doc, blackmail of a government minister and possible murders. 

There’s the personal side in that Robin’s marriage is troubled, with Matthew still hating her job and Strike. 

Strike’s new relationship with Lorelei is also heading in a direction he doesn’t want.

Then the professional side and the agency is doing well, they have a couple of new employees, so the tale is more involved with various cases. The details of the Socialist meetings and the members rings so true, you feel you’ve seen these people at some time, great characters. Billy is especially well written and I felt real sympathy for him. The affectations of the ‘upper’ class is cleverly done too showing the gap between the so called haves and have nots. 

A thoroughly satisfying end too, that I didn’t see coming. As always this novel keeps you gripped all the way through and events happen which almost make you cheer out loud and some that will make you well up…brilliant storytelling and I’m so sorry I’ve finished it.


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