The Incendiaries- By R O Kwon – Book Review

D213BAF6-4520-48B4-9DCA-4EAE5CB7532C.jpegThe Incendiaries follows the lives of Will, Phoebe and John. It is written in the third person, in short sharp sentences and chapters, which I must admit to finding hard to get to ‘flow’.

Will is American and studying at Edwards University in New York, he had transferred there after dropping out from his Bible College after losing his faith.

Phoebe who is also a student and she is from South Korea and moved to The US with her mum as a baby. She is also struggling with her faith, after losing her mum in an accident. John is the leader of a cult called Jejah. He had been through awful experiences in China and South Korea and had aided people fleeing North Korea.

This is a tale of lost faith, how it must feel to believe that your whole life has been some kind of lie. The often complex plot looks at how the loss of a persons faith can affect their well-being, both mentally and physically. A good debut novel from R O Kwon and I feel a person of faith may enjoy this more.

I would like to thank the Author/the Publishers/NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for a fair and honest review

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