Last week’s (Tuesday) dose of Pembrolizumab, they found the vein the first time this week….30mins, then a 10 min flush….all in all a 2 hour visit…they are so busy in LRI chemo suite….5 nurses to 37 patients. Also on prednisolone due to the polymyalgia cause by the pembro, plus rashes, itches and fatigue….all being managed well though but some days are harder than others. CT due in October to see if the treatment is working….so fingers crossed!

1 thought on “Pembrolizumab”

  1. You have really really tiny veins, and the chemo would made it still thinner and friable. That is a 24G jelco… I would probably use it in a newborn or a month old baby…
    Very tough!! Hang in there. Sending you all positive healing vibes.. Good luck. Fingers and toes crossed

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