The Crossing Places – Book Review


The Crossing Places

By Elly Griffiths

This is set in present day Norfolk…a beautiful part of the UK but bleak at times.

Ruth Galloway is an archaeologist with a particular interest in bones. she describes her self as almost Forty and overweight, a cat lady with two cats, Sparky and Flint.

Harry Nelson is a detective investigating a missing girl, Scarlett. Then bones are found buried in the sand and Ruth is asked to check their age. These are found to be Iron Age and not the missing girl. Nelson, who is from Blackpool, is haunted by a similar case from 10 years previously which was never solved and Lucy never found.

Nelson has kept letters he had been sent over the past 10 years from the possible ‘killer’….Nelson shares these with Ruth and due to her background in archaeology and history she tries to decipher them and this leads her to a grim discovery in the sand….

Elly Griffiths has given us great characters with past affairs, lovers, friends and even a Druid, which build a great background to the tale. The chemistry between Ruth and Nelson is palpable and there are some touching moments, plus tension and some dark, scary places on the Saltmarsh.

Ruth is a grown up, a real woman…..not all thin, elegant and groomed within an inch of her life. She is a little plump and lives in wellies and a sou’wester….so original and feels like a real person. My new favourite author and I’ve already ordered the next in the series, The Janus Stone

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