Skellig – Book Review




By David Almond

Classic Children’s fiction

I am too old to have read this as a child, but was given this by a friend as a recommendation.

Oh what a lovely book…..Michael’s baby sister is ill, very ill and he worries she may die. His family have moved to a new home, a doer upper with a rickety garage. As with all children, the garage held a fascination and Michael explores…..he finds a being, living off flies and spiders but he’s not sure if he’s imagining it.

He then meets Mina, a neighbour who is home schooled and he shares the secret. Mina can see the creature too and together they move him somewhere safer, feed him and care for him, until he is ready to leave.

This is a beautiful story, teaching empathy, love and belief in the magical natural world around us, there’s fear, hope and William Blake

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