Dark Winter – Book Review



Dark Winter
By David Mark
Published by Mulholland Books

30 August 2018

This is the first in the DS McAvoy series.

Fred Stein is a survivor…..all his crew mates lost their lives, leaving him, alone, alive.
Daphne Cotton is a survivor….all her classmates were massacred….leaving her alone, alive
Trevor Jefferson is a survivor…..his family died in a fire he set, leaving him alone, alive
Angela Martindale is a survivor, she was raped, stabbed, mutilated but survived, damaged but alive.

All linked by being a miracle, but one by one they are murdered or in Angela’s case, attempted murder, in the same way they had previously survived.

DS McAvoy is a gentle giant of a man, who loves his wife and children and is a ‘natural’ policeman, he knows when something just doesn’t feel right. What follows is like a twisting ride at speed through a dark lane with little lay-bys along the way. Just when you think, ahhhh that’s the murderer, the next sentence has you saying..Nope, not him….

David Mark has created an original character in Aector McAvoy and a brilliantly plotted tale that makes you lose time…..I’m already looking for the next in the series.

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